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Creating an E-Commerce Application.

This course introduces Learners to E-commerce Development, the bootstrap Framework and database.


Key Learning Outcomes include web development, publishing products online, setting up online payment. Learners are introduced to the text Editor, creation of drop-down menus using classes, ids and anchor tags, insertion of  comments in the program files, insertion of  background and product images, the use of CSS to change the style and color of web page elements.


Learners will also be introduced to SQL database, how to create and customize product tables, how to link products in the database with the website, so that updating the 'back-end', updates the website, how to add the Shopping Cart feature to the website and how to configure the database with the payment etc.


At the end of this course, Learners will have learnt how to create a fully-functioning e-commerce website from scratch, using the preferred programming language