Welcome to Sophia ERP We are the Developers of Nigeria's 1st Enterprise Resource Planning Solution.
We are at the fore front of the Digital Transformation Experience. Let us get you started today.
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Small Business & Large Enterprise.
Whatever the size of your business,
have the right ERP to help you achieve your Digital Transformation objectives.
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TRAINING - Manpower
Capacity Building.
Having the right skills is very key to succeeding in today’s fast changing business climate.
We offer a range of courses for Individuals, groups and organisations with a focus on maximising potential and achieving excellence.
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ADVISORY We offer a full bouquet of Advisory Services to enable our Customers
take the right business decisions, cutting through the complexities.
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E-Commerce &
Supply Chain.
We’re helping several businesses implement their E-Commerce and Supply Chain Strategy.

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Our ERP Modules

Our ERP modules are designed for specific business functions, providing the data and supporting the processes that will help your business grow.

Our ERP Business Editions

MSME Plus Edition

For Micro businesses that require more functionality but have less than 10 Staff.


Small Business Edition

For Small and Medium sized Businesses that have 11 to 200 staff


Enterprise Edition

For Large Organizations with more than 200 staff
General ERP Features

Understanding key ERP features makes it clear why our solution plays a pivotal role
Here are the capabilities to consider when evaluating Our Solution.


Helps you view real time notifications from all the various sections within each module


The mobile revolution is here! So we designed the solution with you in mind, so you can manage your business from any mobile device and from anywhere if you choose the circle solution hosting option . We are fully responsive.


Never be in the dark on actions performed across the solution. Keep track of all changes, who made them and when.

About Sophia ERP

We are giving the best services for you.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Our Vision is to be among the top 10 Digital Transformation Providers across the global markets we venture to operate in..

Our Mission is to power every size of business with cost effective and suitable Technology tools in order to function more efficiently and profitably.

Our Values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers. They include:



Integrity & Trust

Accountability & Ownership

Customer Centric

Respect for one another

Knowledge Transfer

Industries and Sectors We Serve
Business isn't one size fits all. Every industry requires a custom solution.
The following are the Industries we serve.

Our Brands & Partners

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